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DPREG Remains the Same through Every Market Climate

Buying and selling in this market has proven to be difficult as inflation continues to escalate. Gasoline prices are up 48% from a year ago. Energy prices have risen by 24%. The average consumer price has risen to 8.5% as of March 2022. All of these factors have resulted in one of the more turbulent real estate markets in recent history. With this aggressive market, it is more crucial than ever to have the right partner. At Downtown Properties Real Estate Group, we are a small, boutique firm so you’re ensured to get white glove service through every step of the process. Our transactions range from rural to urban and every project is unique. We know many individuals need help now more than ever with the average rent price rising by 4.4% and aggressively rising mortgage rates. Our team prioritizes understanding your needs, so we can help you meet them and our clients have consistently praised our dedication to them and for the knowledge we have of Northwest Arkansas as you can see here:

“I’ve had the pleasure of Mr. Weigel listing and selling two of my properties. He has also helped me with the purchase of two of my homes. His experience is deep and his understanding of property value is excellent. He has helped me obtain top dollar for my homes and excellent value on my purchases. He is reliable and trustworthy. I recommend him without reservation.”

The current market is a sellers market and we want to help you get the best deal whether you are a seller or a buyer. Contact our team today and we’ll help you navigate this tricky process and alleviate the stress of uncertainty in the current political and economic climate.