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Why sellers need us…

Customer-focused commitment is fundamental to how Downtown Properties conducts business, and is a critical piece of any real estate selling relationship. But it doesn’t stop there. Our agency knows the market we support and we specialize in fully understanding the unique traits and merits of the properties we represent, as well as the environments around them. We believe our job is to serve as a reliable storyteller—to paint the kind of picture to potential buyers that helps them understand that what they’re seeing is more than just another listing. We take the time to look for what’s special, the hidden values or workmanship that lets us share a compelling history of our listings. Having an experienced partner with years of knowledge about neighborhoods and amenities in the vicinity of a listing can make an enormous difference in how to market a property and the ultimate outcome of a sale. At a time when anyone can shop properties online and unknowingly cultivate a skewed perspective about values, Downtown Properties brings real-time understanding of what is selling and for how much. Our job is to get our clients the best return possible based upon an array of factors. Sometimes that means having tough conversations about what could make the real difference toward getting strong offers, but we know what works and how buyers make their decisions.

Over the years, Downtown Properties has conscientiously cultivated relationships in the market that bring undisputed value to our clients. When needed, we know and actively recommend the best painters, stagers, landscapers and home repair specialists to ensure our clients have their listings stand out in a sea of properties—at reasonable prices from quality, trusted providers. Downtown Properties is committed to putting our client’s assets in the best possible light while helping buyers positively envision themselves and their lives in curated spaces with space to spark dreams. Our job is to create personal connections between buyers and what our clients have to offer.