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Why buyers choose us…

Downtown Properties’ culture of service and dedication to the people who place their trust in us is at the core of everything we do. Making a real estate purchase, whether it’s a first-time buyer or someone much more experienced, is an enormous and often emotional decision. We recognize every purchasing situation comes with unique challenges and opportunities—so our approach to supporting our clients is as varied as they are.

We make it our personal commitment to spend valuable time at the beginning of a customer relationship to gain the kind of insight needed to really appreciate and honor
their needs and perspectives. We believe listening intently is one of the most critical pieces to finding just the right fit for a buyer. We make it our goal to know and act upon what is important to each of our customers, what makes them happy and even what future dreams they have.

Our years of building real estate expertise has given Downtown Properties the ability to ask the kinds of technical questions buyers may not have considered. It also means we are committed to managing expectations and protecting our clients at a time when such an array of details and processes can feel overwhelming. We take the personal and financial investments we are asked to facilitate as seriously as if those resources were our own. Because we are an established agency with a customer-focused reputation, we are able to continuously nurture the kinds of relationships with lenders, title companies, inspectors, movers and other real estate-related service providers that can make a big difference for our clients.

Downtown Properties strives to have each client to walk away from their buying experience feeling they’ve had a vested partner every step of the way.