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Do you know the value of your home?

Whether or not you’re looking to buy or sell, knowing the value of your home is crucial. Home value is a factor in determining how much you pay in property taxes and helps you determine an asking price when putting your home on the market.

Your home value in a nutshell is what you can expect a buyer to pay for your home. And if you’re looking into selling and have no clue what your home is worth, you are far from alone. Here are a few ways you can figure out what your home’s value is.

1. Use an online tool: There are multiple online home valuation services that you can use, but each one uses a different method to measure your home’s worth, so it is crucial to use a trustworthy service.
2. Contact a Realtor: Real estate agents may not give you an incredibly detailed appraisal, but they can give you an estimate through a comparative market analysis, in which they look at the value of homes that are similar to your’s in the area. Contact Downtown Properties Real Estate Group if you are interested!
3. Hire an Appraiser: A professional appraiser is going to be able to give you the most accurate assessment of your home. They take into account multiple factors to give a more holistic appraisal of your home.