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July Home Maintenance Tips

Celebrate Independence Day by freeing your home of pests, grime, and unsafe equipment. To prepare for barbecues and all the end of summer get-togethers, here are some home maintenance tips to keep everything in order.

1. Inspect the basement for moisture: The last thing you want is mold or bacteria growing downstairs, so take a few minutes to walk through and check for any sitting water or moisture that could cause issues later on.
2. Look for visible signs of ants of termites: Keep an eye out for discoloration in your drywall, wood that sounds hollow, small pinholes in drywall, or paint peeling. It’s always good to keep food put away in a refrigerator or air tight containers.
3. Clean/repair deck or patio: Prep your space for entertaining by nailing down those loose boards, sanding down that rough spot, and adding a fresh coat of paint.
4. Replace batteries in CO2 and smoke detectors: Don’t let your summer days be ruined with the beeping of machines we always forget about. Stay on top of those to avoid any potential danger or beeping down the road.
5. Check all door locks: Summer is all about coming in and out, so double check those locks to ensure they keep unwanted visitors from coming in and out.