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How to Stage a Home

Getting your home prepped and ready to sell can be a stressful experience if you don’t know where to start. Here is a straightforward staging guide to make your home picture perfect for potential buyers.

  • New Pillows: A few throw pillows can take your furniture from frumpy to sophisticated in just a moment. Experiment with different shapes, patterns, and sizes to create a room straight off of HGTV.
  • New Crisp Bedding: Creating a welcoming bedroom is crucial, and bedding is a huge factor. Upgrade your linens to show that you take good care of your space and illustrate to viewers how elegant their new home could be.
  • De-personalize: While your family and pets are adorable, it’s best to take their photos down when showing your home. It’s important that potential buyers can picture themselves in the home and imagine it as theirs. With lots of family photos around, it can be hard for them to view themselves living in the home.
  • Upgrade Lighting: A little bit of light goes a long way. Whether you throw in some statement lamps or add some eye-catching sconces, elevated lighting draws people into a space and makes all the difference.