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How to create an outdoor getaway

It may not feel like fall outside, depending on the hour, but it is officially fall. Setting up your outdoor space as a comfy getaway will help you make the most of your backyard.

There are many different ways to make your getaway exactly what you want. First, we suggest getting as many cozy pieces as will fit on your outdoor sofas. Adding a storage bench to the mix will make securing those items during weather changes easier. Second, you’ll be so happy you invested in some heating element. A firepit is a great option, but you can also do a gas or propane pit, with or without a flame. Third, it really ties the space together when you incorporate overhead lighting. This can be at ground level, in your hedge, or strung up above the space. Taking just the right elements that make any room cozy and applying it to your outdoor space will give you all the draw you need to spend time out there daily…assuming the weather is working in your favor.