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Turn Your Home into a Spa Getaway for Mom

Have you ever met a mother that didn’t appreciate some acts of service? Moms do everything for us and this one day a year we can take some time to make her feel really special. Every mom loves a day at the spa but what’s better than her tri...

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DPREG Remains the Same through Every Market Climate

Buying and selling in this market has proven to be difficult as inflation continues to escalate. Gasoline prices are up 48% from a year ago. Energy prices have risen by 24%. The average consumer price has risen to 8.5% as of March 2022. All of ...

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Bonnie Williams

I am a Broker of my own company and I have hired and trained over 500 agents. I would rank Mitch in the top 5 percent of all the agents I have worked with over the past 45 years. We are out of state so having a very good agent was very importan...

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