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All play… and just a little work

Summer is for beaches, lakes, and relaxation. The last thing anyone wants to spend their vacation budget on is a plumber or new appliances, so staying on top of home maintenance is the gateway to the summer you dream of. Here are some items around the house to check off this June.

-Remove lint from dryer exhaust: Appliances that produce heat are the leading cause of house fires around the US, and that includes dryers. Lint build up can wiggle its way into the heating element of the dryer, which can ignite into a fire. Lint also makes the dryer work harder to do its job, which can also lead to fires. An extra few minutes can save a lifetime of hurt.

-Power wash windows and siding: People get out more in the summer, so to keep your house the talk of the neighborhood by making sure its clean and shiny. Just cleaning up windows and siding transforms a home.

-Clean paddle ceiling fan blades: Since you’ll be entertaining guests in the warm summer months, keep everyone’s allergies at bay by wiping down your fan blades. You’ll be shocked by how much dust is hiding in plain sight.
Inspect plumbing for leaks: A plumbing leak isn’t what most people think of as a fun summer splash. To avoid this, be proactive and check out your pipes before hitting the surf.

-Organize sheds and garages: Whether you love to garden, play yard games, or just soak in the sun, we all have something we store just to use when it gets warm enough. Checking your shed and garage will keep you from missing that one tool you need right that moment or the basketball you haven’t seen since last summer.